Monday, February 4, 2008

The Weekend That Flew By

Our weekend started out on Thursday night, actually, with us taking the boys to see Oliver! at the local high school. Although it was very late for them on a school night, I believe they really enjoyed the performance. We discovered that the stage manager was Oliver's Sunday school teacher. Many familiar faces and a few new ones in the crowd. It definitely brought me back 20 years to my days of performing in high school musicals. I miss it!

Saturday night we went to visit our friends, Steve & Lorraine, down in Inver Grove Heights. Also a few new faces in the crowd, but a nice intimate evening of conversation, food & beverage.

Sunday was spent relaxing, catching up on oxygen (LOL!) and watching the Superbowl. I had a feeling that the NY Giants might pull off a victory. Everyone on my living room couch thought I was looney. Go Giants!

I also spent quite a bit of time doing preparatory reading for my Stats class. By page 41 I finally found terminology that wasn't completely foreign when they mentioned an x and y axis. I can do this, yes, I can... staying positive!!

Snow all day today, first stats class tonight and the week is off to a quick start too! May yours be filled with blessings abundant!

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